Real Estate Agent

Jeremy’s unique skill set of creativity, problem-solving, empathy, attention to detail, and a passion for working with people makes him an ideal leader of Urbanista. Jeremy’s referral based real estate practice has been built on a loyal clientele who consider Jeremy to be their trusted real estate consultant. He is a respected colleague and manager in his industry with a reputation for being collaborative and an effective negotiator. He has over a decade of real estate experience and serves as one of the partners in a successful independent real estate firm, Downtown Orlando Real Estate.

The mission of Jeremy is “Developing Walkable & Sustainable Communities”. He strives to do that both within and outside the company. By helping define a strong culture and value system for the company, Urbanista has attracted the brightest realtors and talent in the industry. Jeremy has helped create this impressive, powerhouse real estate boutique in Downtown Orlando which has steadily become the #1 residential firm in the city by closing over 26% of transactions in 32801. Contact Jeremy today to discuss your real estate investment portfolio.

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