Agent Lauren Nester | 321.684.9276 |
  • From Mankato, Minnesota
  • Education: FIU
  • Life Motto, Quote: Invest in people who invest in you.
  • Hobbies: Refurbishing Mid-Mod Furniture, Pilates, Yoga, Running, Vintage Clothing, Travel
  • Fav Downtown Restaurant: Oudom
  • Fav Downtown Bar: Courtesy
  • Movie/TV: Pulp Fiction, Breaking Bad
  • Music: Led Zeppelin


You just know it when you walk into a space that it has that energy; that vibe that speaks to you, and whispers, ‘this, is the one – this, is my home.’ All the elements you have dreamed of; the light, the surfaces, the volumes of space that comfort you and ask you to stay awhile – maybe forever. Lauren possess many qualities that you want in your realtor. She is an advocate for her clients, she has a keen eye and ear for details, she excels in communication and negotiation, she keeps her cool under pressure and she cares about people and her community.

Her passion for art, music, design, architecture and furniture has equipped her with a keen eye and ear for detail necessary in the real estate industry. Perhaps it should have been her first career, but adventure called her in other directions. If you are interested in discussing Downtown Orlando’s ever changing real estate market, an upcoming sale, purchase or rental… Contact Lauren today.






Urbanista has created a unique property management approach by providing a Boutique Environment with Corporate Results. Customer Service is the Key to our Success in Downtown Orlando Real Estate. Specializing in Property Management, Urbanista is committed to building long term relationships with landlords, developers and sellers while providing the best professional service to buyers and renters. Our Showroom is located in the 420 East Building on Church Street… Come on by.