Paul Jimenez

  • Agent License: BK3181565

About Paul Jimenez

Paul Jimenez is a highly accomplished Broker Associate in the real estate industry, particularly in the Downtown Orlando area. Here are some key highlights about his career, achievements, and personal background:

  1. Five Star Real Estate Agent Award: Paul Jimenez has received the Five Star Real Estate Agent award from Orlando Magazine, a prestigious recognition he has earned three times in his career. This award is a testament to his exceptional service and overall satisfaction, as acknowledged by peers, clients, and industry experts. It places him among the top-tier real estate agents in the Orlando area, with fewer than 7% of agents receiving this honor.
  2. #1 Readers Choice Realtor: Paul has also been acknowledged by Orlando Style Magazine as the #1 Readers Choice Realtor. This recognition highlights his integrity, dedication to client service, and high professional standards, which have contributed to his preeminence and remarkable success in the real estate industry.
  3. Family Background: Paul’s family includes his parents, Juanito and Juanita Jimenez, of Filipino ancestry, as well as one sister named Emily and one brother named RJ. His family’s connection to real estate, particularly through his mother, who is a retired realtor, played a pivotal role in introducing him to the real estate field at a young age.
  4. Residence in Downtown Orlando: Paul currently resides in Downtown Orlando, which aligns perfectly with his career focus and passion for the urban lifestyle.
  5. Early Introduction to Real Estate: Paul’s interest in real estate was sparked at the age of 15 when he accompanied his mother while she was showing homes to clients. He was captivated by the design of homes and the joy it brought to clients. This experience led him to choose real estate as his career path.
  6. Diverse Interests: In his spare time, Paul enjoys exploring the vibrant culinary scene in downtown Orlando by dining in its many restaurants and bars. He is also dedicated to fitness, regularly jogging around Lake Eola, and has a passion for travel. Additionally, he values spending quality time with friends and family.
  7. Community Involvement: Paul is an active participant in networking events, social gatherings, and charity events. His involvement in these activities reflects his commitment to the community and his desire to connect with others.
  8. Urban Lifestyle Advocate: Paul is not just a real estate professional; he is also an advocate for the urban downtown lifestyle in Orlando. He can help clients embrace and enjoy the vibrant urban living experience that Downtown Orlando has to offer.

Paul Jimenez’s career achievements, family background, and personal interests all contribute to his role as a successful and highly regarded Broker Associate in the Downtown Orlando real estate market. His numerous accolades and commitment to providing exceptional service make him a trusted resource for those looking to navigate the urban lifestyle and real estate opportunities in the area.

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