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Urbanista does not excel in just one aspect of condominium sales or marketing – we are all-encompassing in condominium sales, marketing, property management, rental location services, market research, training and market positioning.

Our unique approach is customized for downtown Orlando’s luxury highrise condominiums. Our team of market strategists brings unparalleled expertise, passion, and professionalism to every relationship and community… Positioning URBANISTA for optimum success.

We distinguish our services with a team of highly trained Realtors who are dedicated to the sustainability of downtown’s culture and urban walkable lifestyles. Urbanista provides more than just research – it provides insight towards the dynamics of an ever-changing marketplace to ensure that our recommended strategies achieve your goals.

We offer a comprehensive menu of services for residential property owners and real estate investment firms. Our mission is to deliver the benefits of our combined knowledge, experience and skill- along with reasonable prices, integrity and pride in a job well done.

This is not a theme that only takes care of the front of a real estate business. This is also a WordPress-based property management system which allows you to own and maintain a real estate marketplace, coordinate your agents, accept submissions and offer membership packages.


We are highrise condominium experts who developers, lenders and asset managers seek out for comprehensive, customized real estate strategies and solutions. Urbanista provides visible results through a depth of experience, creativity, enthusiasm and the region’s top-producing sales agents.

Urbanista’s objective is to become your preferred partner in management, sales, and marketing. Our success is built on “word of mouth” repeat business. We incorporate the most innovative and creative ideas, which sets us apart from our competition.


The real estate market is constantly evolving… so are we. Urbanista offers our investors a refreshed, strategic approach to condominium management, sales, and marketing by understanding each community’s unique position in its respected local marketplace as well as the distinct challenges that each face. Our programs are constantly evolving, as are our recommendations to successfully sell, lease and manage in an ever-changing real estate market.

Although marketing, selling, managing and leasing highrise communities are URBANISTA’s ultimate objective; we realize this is only a minor part of each condominium association’s long term plan. Our experience with highrise condominium projects gives us a heightened sensitivity to market positions in sales-rental trends, tenant rights, and legal demands. Urbanista designs and operates a proprietary onsite real estate service with a hyper-focus towards servicing each community. Additionally, URBANISTA works closely with each HOA/BOD to design and operate a proprietary sales & marketing programs, serving both prospects and current owners. Furthermore, knowing that we pride ourselves on long-term relationships with each homeowner and/or tenant; we will help cultivate this relationship with a “customer service first” approach.


Urbanista’s infrastructure of dedicated condominium sales – rentals agents will support and supervise all aspects of the sales and marketing programs to ensure that each highrise community achieves its investment goals and objectives.


Urbanista will coordinate and manage marketing is responsible for maintaining and managing all aspects within the future marketing plan to include advertising coordination, websites, online posting ads, special event planning, signage, and marketing collateral. Urbanista marketing provides an unmatched infrastructure that is involved in all aspects.


In general, condo loans are more complex than purchasing a single family or town-home. There are additional requirements for Florida condo associations that do not exist in other typical Florida mortgage transactions. The condo must be approved via the condo association questionnaire before buyers can achieve financing towards a Florida condo. Urbanista employs financing strategies that entice potential buyers. From local and national lender relationships, we can quickly pursue FHA, nonconventional and conventional financing offering loan programs to fit any potential buyer’s budget.


“Today’s renters are tomorrow’s buyers” it is now better to own a condominium than to rent in downtown Tampa and Orlando. Per analysis by the real estate site Trulia, it’s 38% cheaper to own (including mortgage, insurance, taxes, and maintenance) than to rent. There are two key reasons for this amazing advantage: 30-year fixed mortgage rates are still at historically low levels (a little over 4%) and rents have been rising faster than home prices. Urbanista has devised buy vs. Rent seminars to covert condominium renters into buyers.


Urbanista has created a unique real estate property management approach by providing a Boutique Environment with Corporate Results. Customer Service is the Key to our brokerage’s success in Downtown Orlando. Specializing in luxury, residential high-rise property management; Urbanista is committed to building long term relationships with investment landlords, builder-developers and sellers… while providing the finest professional service to both buyers and renters.


Our growth in Downtown Orlando is unprecedented. Our past successes indicate our commitment to Downtown Orlando’s overall communal success.


With our unequalled record, our infrastructure has been perfected to offer a unique, proprietary approach to each highrise community and subsequently Home Owners Association.


Our team is your team. Lead by Thomas Allen, our team of experts are seasoned real estate specialists and experienced marketers.


Systematic approach, strategic positioning, marketing management, event coordination, agent training, preferred mortgage partners, vendor network relations, and HOA/BOD relations are all supported by our internal structure and focused staff.


We are simply involved and experienced with Urban Luxury Condominium complexities. With your goals in mind, we will oversee programs that will help insure a strong market absorption and inventory control to maximize each community’s market position and equity.

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