Reeves House Condominiums

401 E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32801


The Reeves House in Orlando offers a unique and exceptional residential experience with a focus on its stunning views and historical significance. Here are some key features and highlights:

  1. Spectacular Views: The Reeves House is renowned for having some of the best views in Orlando, including vistas of Lake Eola, the downtown skyline, and breathtaking sunsets. The emphasis on these views suggests that residents can enjoy a visually captivating living environment.
  2. Historic Location: The condominium is pleasantly situated within the historic Eola Heights neighborhood, which adds character and charm to the living experience. This location may appeal to those who appreciate historical architecture and a sense of place.
  3. Pool with Sunset Views: The presence of an amazing pool with backdrop sunset views of Lake Eola and Downtown Orlando makes it an attractive feature for residents seeking relaxation and leisure. Additionally, being “THE” spot to watch July 4th fireworks adds to its appeal.
  4. Unique Customization: The Reeves House is described as having condos that are customized by their owners, resulting in distinct differences between units. This suggests a degree of individuality and personalization for residents.
  5. No Pets: It’s worth noting that The Reeves House has a no-pet policy. This may be important information for potential residents with pet considerations.

The Reeves House offers a unique combination of historical charm, exceptional views, and individualized living spaces. Its location within the historic Eola Heights neighborhood and the presence of amenities like the pool with sunset views make it an appealing option for those looking for a distinctive downtown Orlando living experience.

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  • City Orlando
  • Area Eola Heights


Updated on September 26, 2023 at 3:04 pm
  • Property Type: Condominium
  • Property Status: For Rent, For Sale


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