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About Andrea (Dre)Taylor

Real Estate Agent

Andrea’s approach to real estate is based on relationship networking.  While incorporating her deep understanding and excitement for the Downtown Orlando & Baldwin Park lifestyle communities she serves and lives. She is an experienced negotiator and will never apply a “one size fits all” approach to her work. She believes in each of her clients, and the home they own or are looking for, are unique and therefore deserves a customized approach that will result in her clients having a warm and fuzzy feeling about real estate. Andrea is a deep listener and a diligent and intuitive realtor, a combination that makes her truly talented at matchmaking her clients’ wants and needs to the house or condo they are excited to call home.

Andrea’s interest in real estate started while looking for her home in Orlando. She enjoyed the discovery process of finding a place to live but also finding herself through that process: the emotional rollercoaster, the jumping of hurdles, the financial implications, the effects on lifestyle. It was while looking for properties on her own that she had the “epiphany” of becoming a professional real estate broker. It was extremely challenging to find the right property to buy as the market was becoming increasingly competitive, but she was able to find her way around and land successful transactions. She also realized that she had what she appreciated in a good broker: loyalty, commitment, perseverance, patience, and a true passion for all things real estate. It is with all this in mind that Andrea is eager to team up with you on your next real estate adventure!

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