Real Estate Agent

Sevag is a true Downtown Orlandoian who loves his College Park urban livelihood and raises his family on Lake Fairview.

He knows Orlando’s walkability, entertainment, hip new restaurants, and social networks. loves this city and this state. Working with you as an ambassador, Sevag will help guide you through the process of finding your next chapter in life.

Sevag fell in love with Orlando’s vibrant energy of the people, gorgeous historic homes, contemporary highrise towers eclectic neighborhoods, and new exploding arts scene. Deciding to embrace it all, Sevag became an active real estate agent and quickly immersed himself in the city’s culture. Working with the premier Downtown Orlando boutique company Urbanista, Sevag is well known for his accessibility, integrity, professionalism, knowledge of the market, and passion for Downtown Orlando, Thornton Park, and Lake Eola.

Live, Love, Create, Orlando

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