Sevag Daghlarian

About Sevag Daghlarian

Sevag is a dedicated Real Estate Agent and a true local of Downtown Orlando. Here are some key aspects of his background and approach to his profession:

  1. Deep Local Connection: Sevag is a proud Downtown Orlando resident who has chosen to raise his family in the College Park area on Lake Fairview. This local connection and his firsthand experience living in the city provide him with a unique understanding of the area’s neighborhoods, amenities, and lifestyle.
  2. Passion for the City: Sevag has a genuine love for the city of Orlando and the state of Florida as a whole. He appreciates the walkability, entertainment options, vibrant dining scene, and social networks that Orlando offers, making him an ideal ambassador for those looking to explore and settle in the area.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Sevag’s love for Orlando’s energy, historic homes, contemporary highrise buildings, eclectic neighborhoods, and burgeoning arts scene inspired him to become an active real estate agent. He is deeply immersed in the city’s culture and is committed to sharing his enthusiasm with his clients.
  4. Association with Urbanista: Sevag is affiliated with Urbanista, a premier boutique real estate company specializing in Downtown Orlando. This association provides him with valuable resources and connections to better serve his clients in Downtown Orlando, Thornton Park, and around Lake Eola.
  5. Professionalism and Accessibility: Sevag is known for his professionalism, accessibility, and integrity in his real estate practice. He is dedicated to providing his clients with a high level of service and guidance throughout the homebuying or selling process.
  6. Local Expertise: With his extensive knowledge of the local market, Sevag is well-equipped to assist clients in finding their next chapter in life, whether it involves buying a new home or selling a property in the Downtown Orlando area.
  7. Motto: Live, Love, Create, Orlando: Sevag’s motto, “Live, Love, Create, Orlando,” encapsulates his philosophy and passion for the city. It reflects his belief in the value of embracing and contributing to the dynamic and creative atmosphere of Orlando.

Sevag is a dedicated Real Estate Agent who not only has deep roots in Downtown Orlando but also a profound love for the city and its vibrant culture. His affiliation with Urbanista and his commitment to professionalism and client service make him a valuable resource for individuals looking to make the most of their real estate opportunities in Orlando.

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