Urbanista’s referral associate Program is a unique real estate referral approach that allows industry professionals, licensed in real estate the opportunity to be active with their license and accept 50% referral fees based on leads given to the network.

Our platform was specifically developed for people who work within the Real Estate industry such as Mortgage Brokers, HOA Managers, Leasing Agent-Managers and Attorneys that are actively seeking for opportunities to make money from their real estate network while not practicing. It has been and continues to be a great solution for those who want to make extra income. It’s all about the people you know, right… Your network should support your net worth.!


Listen to the world around you. Does someone want to move? If so, give them your card, contact us, and create an opportunity.

Successful referral agents allocate time for lead generation every single day within your community’s network of renters, buyers, sellers, and landlords.