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Central Business District 1,000 acres Businesses 1,100+ New Residential Units 4,300 (since 2000) Traffic 175,000 AADT on Interstate 4* Parking More than 33,000 public, private and metered spaces Sports Venues 3 *Annual Average Daily Traffic Livin’ Population 43,388 Households 20,520 Average Household Income $66,242 Median...

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Orlando is the Best City To Own Rental Property In Florida

Florida is an intriguing state when it comes to buying and owning rental property. On one hand, demand for homes — especially single-family homes — has been consistently on the rise in Florida. Yet despite the demand, it doesn’t necessarily convert to more homebuyers. Instead, even though Florida boasts fairly low housing prices statewide, many people are still opting to rent instead of buy. As a...

Downtown Orlando’s economy is expected to keep growing in 2019

Downtown Orlando is bolstered by population growth at a rate that far outpaces most cities in the nation, Orlando’s economy is expected to forge ahead in 2019 with continued diversification. Make no mistake, tourism has and will continue to be a central driving force behind Orlando’s growth, but economists predict the new year will also likely bring further growth in other sectors, too, including...

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