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Orlando is the Best City To Own Rental Property In Florida

Florida is an intriguing state when it comes to buying and owning rental property. On one hand, demand for homes — especially single-family homes — has been consistently on the rise in Florida. Yet despite the demand, it doesn’t necessarily convert to more homebuyers. Instead, even though Florida boasts fairly low housing prices statewide, many people are still opting to rent instead of buy. As a...

13 Months Straight

Resale prices for Orlando-area homes ticked up yet again last month, as buyers came closer to paying sellers' asking prices than at any time since February 2007, when the housing bubble was about to burst....

Realtor association’s membership falls 13 percent

Central Florida's still-slow residential real estate market now is taking its toll on the Realtor association membership rolls statewide. On the local front, the Orlando Regional Realtor Association's just-released numbers show a 13.3 percent membership drop from 12,616 in 2007 to 10,940 through Feb. 26 this year -- a 19 percent drop from the association's all-time high of 13,500 in 2006 during the peak...

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