Fastest-growing ZIP codes: Where thousands of Central Floridians are moving

Only Baldwin Park (32814) in Downtown Orlando made the list at number 4. Downtown is more about sustainable growth rather than hyper growth.  Baldwin Park has smartly added new development over the last 8 years.

Looking to open a business or expand your company’s presence in Central Florida? Or maybe you’re relocating to the Orlando area? Then you may want to consider one of Central Florida’s fastest-growing neighborhoods.

URBANISTA broke down the ZIP codes in the four-county region that are expected to have the highest percentage of population growth from 2014 to 2019.

Only Orange and Osceola counties were represented in the top 20 fastest-growing ZIP codes in Central Florida, with Osceola having the most ZIP codes at the top of the list.

Meanwhile, the majority of Seminole County’s ZIP codes were at the bottom of the list, with smaller expected population growth over the next five years.

Use the search form below to see where your ZIP code ranks and see the database below for a look at the growth rates for all 92 ZIP codes in the Central Florida. And check out the top 20 fastest-growing ZIP codes in the slideshow.

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